Our Story

Our story begins in June of 1978. This is when my mother Mary moved to Goshen from Saginaw, Michigan in search of work. My great-grandparents lived in Goshen and raved about how many factories were in the area and how all of them were hiring. My mother quickly found employment, but it was not until 1992 that her cooking journey began to blossom. While working for Goshen Rubber she would arise a little bit earlier each morning to make fresh breakfast burritos to eat during her break. It was not long before other co-workers noted the aroma of her burritos and started to ask where she got them from so, they too could get some. When she replied stating that she had made them it was not long until several coworkers were requesting burritos. The compliments and positive word to mouth spread like wildfire, this caused the requests for burritos and different food items to grow tremendously.

My mother’s dream and inspiration of becoming a cook and owning her own restaurant continued to blossom as the years passed. Unfortunately, she has also experienced great loss over the years, but she never let her dream falter. She feels the same burning inspiration after all these years. Being her eldest daughter and her always being one of my biggest supporters in obtaining both of my nursing degrees, my husband and I felt the calling to make my mother’s dream come true.

It is because of my mother’s never-ending love and support that my husband Israel and I have chosen to help her achieve her dreams of owning a restaurant. Our family has never been more united than we are currently. Therefore, we ask of our community to open their arms to our family and join us in celebrating this joyous milestone. Please help us make my mother’s dream come true and shine bright.

Thank You!

Mary C. Castañeda-Santana
Israel & Minerva Avila

Areas Served:

Elkhart County, IN Goshen, IN Noble County, IN LaGrange County, IN Kosciousko County, IN